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Guide files are written in json (though you probably should use ingame editor for that!), and id/index.json is selected by default, but id/index.json also can be used.


data.json file must be added in your guide folder.

idStringtrue*Lowercase ID
titleStringtrueDisplay name
typeStringtrue**Type of the guide, e.g. "mod". Used for sorting / easier viewing.
iconIconfalseAbsolute path to icon. You can use items as icons, e.g. "item:minecraft:apple". If this key is missing, icon.png from current folder will be used.
authorsString[]false**List of mod/modpack authors. If you only made the guide, don't list yourself here.
pagesPage[]falseList of subpages. If this key is missing or value is empty, no subpages will be listed.
modidStringfalseFor mod type only - Used in minecraft to bind a guide to a mod, if guide ID doesn't match mod ID.

*Autogenerated for main page.

**Only used in the main data.json.



PlainExample"Example", {"text": "Example"}
BoldExample{"text": "Example", "bold": true}
ItalicExample{"text": "Example", "italic": true}
UnderlineExample{"text": "Example", "underlined": true}
StrikeoutExample{"text": "Example", "strikethrough": true}
CodeExample{"code": "Example"}, {"text": "Example", "code": true}
Text SizeExample{"text": "Example", "text_size": 1.5}

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You can report issues and suggestions on FTBGuides issue tracker.