FTBUtilities Guides [Work In Progress Page!]

See LatBlocks Guide as an example

Guides are simple .json files in a tree structure, UTF-8 (so use something better than MS Wordpad)


Guides are loaded from assets/resourcepacks. Every guide has to have its own ID or else it will overlap another guide (just like textures in R-Packs). If you want your modpack to have a guide, I recommend ResourceLoader mod

First, you want to create assets/modid/guide.json - Json Object file that contains:

Formatting & External Sources

Text supports § character (colors and formatting) §4 - Dark Red, §l - Bold, etc, but it's not recommended. You should use "text" for that

Formatting codes

Vanilla ITextComponent Formatting

Helpful tool for creating custom ITextComponents



"# Large Title" (bold and underlined)
"## Smaller Title" (bold only)
"$some.lang.key" (Translated from en_US.lang file)
{"text":"Hello", "color":"red", "bold":true}


{"id":"image", "image":"domain:textures/some_recipe.png"}
{"id":"image", "image":"domain:textures/some_recipe.png", "scale":-3}
{"id":"image", "image":"domain:textures/some_logo.png", "width":250, "height":150}
{"id":"image", "image":"http://i.imgur.com/VyxIO5u.png"}

Click & Hover Events

{"text":"Teleport to spawn", "clickEvent":{"action":"run_command", "value":"/spawn"}}
{"text":"Click Here to open URL", "clickEvent":{"action":"open_url", "value":"http://latmod.com"}}
{"text":"Some text", "hoverEvent":{"action":"show_text", "value":"Hover Text"}}
{"id":"image", "image":"domain:textures/patreon.png", "clickEvent":{"action":"open_url", "value":"https://www.patreon.com/LatvianModder"}}


  "id": "list",
  "list": [
    "List Item 1",
    "List Item 2",
    {"text":"List Item 2", "color": "dark_green"}

  "id": "list",
  "type": "code",
  "ordering": "number" (can be none, number, letter or bullet, by default none for code and bullet for list)
  "list": [
    "Code Line 1",
    "Code Line 2",
    "Code Line 3"